July 12th, Join Us On Campus!

You Heard That Right.

Big news everyone: we're going to get together... in real life! That's right, you won't need a Zoom i.d. and password. We are getting together in-person, while practicing appropriate precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. July is off to a promising start, people.

Check out this quick video to hear more about it!

Answering Some Questions

  • Hi, When is this?- 11AM to about Noon 
  • Where is this? - On the Student Green in front of the Student Center.
  • Will there be singing? - No, there won't be any singing; instead, we will have a non-musical worship element while together. 
  • Where can I park? - Parking in the visitor lot in front of the MACC is free and also right next to the Student Green.
  • What do I bring? - Something to sit on (lawn chair, picnic blanket, bucket will do), something to read the Bible on (a hard copy of the Bible or a smartphone app will do), a mask to protect and be considerate of others around you (we'll have some extras that'll do), and a journal for the worship time (paper or a notes app will do).
  • Can I hug a friend I haven't seen in months? - Keep in mind everyone has varying levels of what they are comfortable with. For this reason we ask that everyone default to staying six feet apart from each other, to accommodate the least common denominator (A good rule of thumb, always, is to ask first before any physical greeting). 

Still have questions? Email us at info@h2okent.com

The Student Green on campus, in front of the Library and Student Center

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